Manufacturing and Engineering

All of our experts are dedicated by sub-specialism. We maintain an active professional network and give back our knowledge to the community. We are participating at industry conferences and events, cooperating with organizations and professional cooperatives and preparing annual reports based on our experience. 

We can provide expert advice and up-to-date overview about the market and industrial trends. All of our team members have a continuous connection with the most attractive employers and the most talented candidates because we love people and support them.

Professional fields we cover in manufacturing:

  • Process and manufacturing engineering

  • Engineering management

  • Production management

  • Project and NPI management

  • Quality engineering

  • Metrology and calibration

  • Maintenance and Service Engineering

  • Automation Engineering

Professional fields we cover in engineering:

  • Hardware development

  • Mechanical design

  • Test engineering

  • Project management

  • System engineering

  • Application engineering

Our consultants are not only experts in specific fields, but also in specific industries.

Contact us for help in the following industries:

R&D centres



Heavy industry


Oil & Gas



Service Engineering companies 

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